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This is why the HT token enjoyed massive adoption among existing and new users on the crypto exchange. Launched by and going head to head with ethereum, this project is poised to be one of the world’s biggest smart contracts platform. The project hopes to become a better version of ethereum by eliminating ethereum’s scalability issues. It’s very easy to launch an ICO, thanks to ethereum’s platform which makes it very easy to create ERC-20 tokens.

  • I utilize a very thorough analysis method to look through every nook and cranny of a company and its Initial Coin Offering to see if it is worth investing in.
  • Ankorus prioritises responsive customer care as a core value.
  • Also, Bitcoin Mandates is now able to offer their clients the Exclusive opportunity to obtain a highly cost efficient and green Bitfury mining farm.
  • As of right now, these initial coin offering websites are in no particular order but in due time will be reexamined and ranked accordingly for timeliness, appearance and how frequently updated .
  • The token was used in a crowdfunding event at the end of 2017.
  • This guide is far from done, as we will keep chiseling a final sculpture for how to best invest into ICO opportunities and which initial coin offering tokens actually past the test to stand above the rest.

The best solution to not getting scammed is to understand what you should and shouldn’t do. As with all new technologies, cryptocurrency investing is still largely uncharted waters. You don’t know what you’re getting into, you just hope for the best. In fact, it is the first ICO to comply with the SEC’s new ICO regulations in the US.

As one might imagine, we have compiled over 1,000 initial coin offering token scams and put them all in a list. For investors, ICOs can be a pretty great investment vehicle, often netting them significant returns on investment. However, because of the largely unregulated nature of initial coin offerings and the cryptocurrency market itself, investing in ICOs can be very risky. If you’re unable to find detailed information regarding an ICO, then it’s best to wait until more information becomes available before investing. Often Russia or Asian-based initial coin offerings provide scant information until bounty projects can deliver an English translation, which is an understandable delay.

Ankorus ICO ICO Details

One of the most important steps in performing your due diligence when assessing an initial coin offering is determining who is behind the project. Regardless of how attractive an investment opportunity is or how large the market it targets may be, the success of an initial coin offering hinges on the quality and composition of the team creating it. When assessing an initial coin offering it’s important to ask yourself whether you believe the project truly needs a blockchain or a native token. If the answer is no, then it’s highly likely that the ICO in question is a prime example of “solutionism”, or using crypto for the sake of using crypto, or potentially a scam. One of the key axioms of blockchain technology is the intent to optimize and transform traditional rules of governance. Let me introduce you to the newly found concept of I.C.O. aka modern-day crowdfunding campaigns aimed at direct access towards investing into new tokens, services, projects, platforms and programs.

ankorus ico

The most comprehensive ICO-Rating which is regularly updated with new projects and up-to-date information. This offer is based on information provided solely by the offeror and other publicly available information. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it . Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely.

Use Cases That Don’t Need Blockchain

Ankorus will create an orderly market for secondary trades of all Anchor Tokens. These will be traded on AnchorNet, to be developed in Phase Three . Here, customers will be able to exchange Anchor Tokens for a variety of anchored securities and all cryptocurrencies. Customers will pay into their accounts and redeem their holdings in either traditional fiat currency or cryptocurrency. The currency of redemption will be determined by the currency of account funding and must remain the same.

This article hopes to show you what you should do and not do when it comes to investing in ICOs. You need to be smart about your investments, learn how to identify real projects, and more importantly, the profitable ones. The company hopes to do this by simply creating its blockchain platform that’s dedicated to smart contracts and improving scalability. In keeping with similar tokens, its sole purpose is to help reduce transaction fees on the platform.

Anonymous developers and platform founders is a massive red flag. If an ICO has not named any full-time developers, or if the leaders behind the project have little to no experience in disruptive technology, then it’s likely that the platform will fail. If there is no information available regarding the team at all, avoid the ICO at all costs. One of the main drivers behind the rapid increase in popularity of tokenization is the extreme convenience it delivers in both quantifying assets and managing them, regardless of the product. When assets become tokenized on the blockchain, they become extremely easy to track and trace. Tokenization makes it easy for new startups and business to administrate.

ankorus ico

SeedOn is a blockchain-based solution whose goal is to revolutionize conventional crowdfunding, aiming to provide traceability… Atlas DEX is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity aggregator, designed to create a seamless trading experience for anyone… Basketballverse is a virtual NFT basketball P2E gaming metaverse built on blockchain for a truly immersive experience. Bountie Hunter curates exciting and fun crypto gaming projects for players. Avania is a game where you can earn a token by contributing your talent to the game such as playing the game, building community,… Hashflow is a protocol that connects users on-chain to the top crypto market makers.

They would need to have a large social media following, receive plenty of attention from relevant media publications, be easily visible on search engines like Google, and receive plenty of daily hits on their website. If a company is affiliated with any business or individual that has a notoriously bad reputation , that definitely makes the investment more risky. Look, no investor wants to put their money into a business that will be shut down by the government for operating outside of the law. I would surely hope that any business that does an ICO has a legal team on standby to deal with any potential legal problems they may encounter. E-commerce is a huge market, which in recent years has demonstrated astonishing growth. It is expected that after 3 years it will be estimated at about 4 trillion US dollars.

There are many ventures that have no use for tokenization or distributed ledger technology. While this may seem like an obvious point, the massive hype surrounding blockchain tech can make it easy for unsuspecting investors to be led astray by slick marketing. While it may not be the best industry out of the eleven we have covered, there is no denying the radical shift blockchain distributed ledger technology is having on the cryptocurrency casinos. With the internet enabling gambling, betting, poker and esports to name a few, blockchain’s shared accounting system for all records will prove to be much more transparent and efficient in the years to come. In this article, we’ll present the ten least successful industries for initial coin offerings and present some key metrics regarding their total penetration into the ICO sector. Take a look at this graph courtesy of for Total USD Raised Per Category & Projects Per Category in %.

Risks include but are not limited to, theft, fraud, exchange failures, and technical errors leading to partial or total loss of funds.Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. We already established a healthy ecosystem and service many institutiinal clients such as exchanges, OTC desks, asset managers, and other endowments across the major cities in the asia pacific market. Founded in 2015, B2C2 is one of the largest cryptocurrency liquidity providers and the leader in electronic OTC trading. Skychain is an open infrastructure, blockchain project aimed to host, train and use medical neural networks. Bonkers is the gaming platform of the future, combining the world of cryptocurrencies with online gaming. Orch is a realtime unforkable and infinitely-scalable decentralized platform designed to survive the deep future while enabling…

Fact-checking is therefore an essential skill for ICO investors. Luckily, the value of each token is expected to rise as the different investments and trading take place. Sales will become more privatized, and the tokens reserved for the public will steadily decline. Consumers and investors had many victories in 2017, due to the impressive value of cryptocurrency evolving.

When assessing ICOs, Occam’s razor is a highly effective tool. In most cases, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Applied to ICOs, if something appears to be a scam, it probably is. If you feel as through a platform may be a scam, then it’s probably best to refrain from investing. The content management industry has raised just $9.5 million USD throughout 2017 to date, or just 0.4% of all ICO funds raised, which is far lower than expectations. As regulations are developed for the ICO sector, however, analysts expect this figure to surge dramatically.

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FINCTOR GROUP is one of the leading company focus in Crypto Assets transaction for institutions and high-asset Clients. Do want to move large amounts of cryptocurrencies without moving the market? A decentralised mobile network, dedicated to constructing ankorus ico an open source telecom infrastructure on the Blockchain. Skychain is an open infrastructure aimed to host, train and use medical neural networks. Utrum is a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts.

ankorus ico

Aura Network is a scalable, agile and effortless Layer-1 blockchain that focuses on building the Internet of NFTs to accelerate… AshSwap is a decentralized exchange following stable swap model with the aim to bring more liquidity and enhanced yield dynamics… BIKEN is a Web3 bike-to-earn lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements including metaverse… SPORTZCHAIN is the world’s first ENGAGE-TO-EARN platform for sports fans powered by $SPN.

If a project doesn’t provide a clear road map, then it’s likely that the developers and project leaders have no solid plan for the future- which is a key red flag that the project is a scam. By investing into an ICO, you’re basically putting your money to work. Wise ICO investments consist of companies which are transparent about how the funds will be used. Serious start-ups will often share all these details, and even state what percentage of the funds will go to marketing, employees, project development, future investments and more. One of the most clear-cut signs that an initial coin offering is a scam is a complete lack of detail on how the underlying technology that drives it operates. One specific area in which tokenization has been extremely disruptive is crowdfunding.

The biggest appeal of cryptocurrency is the decentralized nature of it. However, it is theorized that the tokens were released at such a rapid pace that they may not be able to deliver on all their promises. This guide is far from done, as we will keep chiseling a final sculpture for how to best invest into ICO opportunities and which initial coin offering tokens actually past the test to stand above the rest. A trader’s job is to be right about a lot of things at the same time. All that was before 2013 and the advent of cryptocurrencies.

Ankorus is happy to welcome onto its team of advisers Munly Leong, already a participant in multiple double-digit million ICOs.

DoragonLand is a 3D tower rush game that integrates the battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced… However, because the project is a very ambitious one, many seasoned blockchain investment analysts and experts passed on the private sale of the token. Ultimately, this ICO did well because there a lot of big name VCs and hedge funds investing in it. The EOS token, initially created and running on the ethereum platform, now runs on its own blockchain network. Many initial coin offerings propose an open-source platform that makes its code available to the public.

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Where some rivals simply expose their customers to assets, Ankorus will actually secure and hold them for you. Cryptoholders could truly diversify their portfolios across multiple asset classes. Harnessing innovative technology, Ankorus is initiating a new landscape of frictionless trading, beyond geographical boundaries and prohibitive financial barriers. Vibrant markets require liquidity, and by our plan to link the crypto world with that of finance, trading volumes will assuredly – and markedly – increase.






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